Alternative Pest Control provides residential pest control for NY customers, such as homeowners, condominium owners, renters and tenants. We understand that pests in the home are annoying, embarrassing, and can potentially threaten your family’s health and well-being. Every family, house, apartment, and pest control problem is unique and Alternative brings all of our expertise to bear in restoring your home environment along with your peace of mind..

If you have an urgent pest situation or infestation, Alternative Pest Control can quickly identify the source and eliminate the problem.  Alternative utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and offers Eco Friendly and Integrated Pest Management strategies to effectively control pest problems without overuse of chemicals. Our technicians are discreet and courteous, and you will always receive careful documentation and reports for your own records. If you are a tenant, we will also work directly with your property manager or landlord to implement a plan that addresses the entire building or community.  

When assessing and addressing your residential pest control needs, Alternative Pest Control will consider:

  • Specific pest problems you have experienced recently or in the past
  • Family members who live in the home, including adults, children and pets
  • How and where waste is disposed
  • Lifestyle activities that take place in the household (organic diet, heavy entertaining, caring for a sick relative, etc.)
  • Attic, garden, basement, crawlspace or other highly vulnerable areas


In addition to emergency pest control services, Alternative offers Home Pest Protection Plans which can be implemented on a monthly or seasonal (4x a year) basis to maintain control and prevent further issues from arising. For an affordable monthly or quarterly fee, you can potentially save tens of thousands in unforeseen expenses associated with infestations.

Alternative will assess your home from top-to-bottom, inside-and-out, and create an individualized Home Pest Protection Plan based on your individual needs and concerns. To keep your home pest-free all year round, a technician will be scheduled to visit and perform integrated pest management treatments either once a month or four times a year.





Contrary to popular belief, cockroach infestations are not always a sign of poor housekeeping or an unclean home. In addition to being attracted to food sources such as  rotting garbage, cockroaches also gain entry through door cracks, holes in walls and other gaps in a home’s exterior – meaning that a neighbor’s cockroach problem can easily and quickly become yours, if not handled correctly.  

The Alternative Approach

If you suspect you have a cockroach problem, contact Alternative immediately for a speedy resolution. Signs of a potential infestation include spotting roaches during the day and/or seeing droppings around the home. We will send a technician to inspect and address the issue as quickly as possible.


  • Integrated Approach: Cockroaches are survivors and resistant to almost all “green” treatments, which is why Alternative will employ an Integrated Pest Management plan to resolve any existing issues and combat future cockroach infestations.
  • Waste Disposal: Our technician may make recommendations regarding sanitation and hygiene best-practices.
  • Exclusion: Because roaches have a special talent for sneaking into your home through vulnerable areas, like ripped screens and door gaps, Alternative Pest Control may recommend sealing any holes and potentially using a chemical deterrent around entry points.
  • Ongoing Treatments: Alternative Pest Control will schedule regular follow-up visits to monitor activity, perform treatments and minimize risk for future infestations.

Bed bugs are the nightmare that keep on giving. If left unaddressed or not addressed properly, these awful pests can multiply into the thousands in a very short period of time. If you have spotted a bed bug (or what you may think is a bed bug) or are experiencing bites in the night, contact a professional pest control company immediately. Never attempt to  exterminate bed bugs on your own – this will almost always have the affect of making the problem worse. 

The Alternative Approach

Alternative understands how a bed bug problem can destroy your home life and peace of mind. Please contact us as quickly as possible before the problem escalates, so that we can inspect and implement a targeted and successful treatment plan to eradicate them.


  • Identification and Inspection: Bed bugs are excellent at hiding and prefer to feed at night, making them difficult to locate. Alternative Pest Control knows how where to look for evidence of these sneaky pests and how to draw them out for careful inspection.
  • Custom Plans: Depending on the existence and severity of the bed bug infestation, an Alternative specialist will recommend the most appropriate treatment plan – designed specifically around the health, safety and comfort of all family members living in the home.
  • Integrated Methods: We will inspect and identify your home’s most vulnerable areas and use the latest tools, products and strategies to reduce the bed bugs’ lifecycle and eliminate all larvae – preventing eggs from hatching into mature adults .
  • Targeted Action: Alternative Pest Control will target affected areas methodically and one-by-one, in order to contain the problem and prevent the spread to other areas in your home.

Ants are one of the smallest pests, yet among the most embarrassing and annoying. When ants find their way into your home it can be difficult to get control of them on your own. Off-the-shelf products may help temporarily, but don’t address the source of the problem. 

The Alternative Approach

With ongoing treatments, Alternative Pest Control can help you keep ants outside where they belong. Our Integrated Pest Management approach prevents small ant issues from escalating into major disasters, such as ant colonies in your walls or foundation.

Treatment Options: Alternative uses safe and effective products that are proven to stop ants in their tracks and keep them from returning, without putting the health of your family and pets at risk.

Waste Disposal: Because ants are drawn to food and crumbs, one of our technicians will throughly inspect your home for potential food sources that may be attracting them, and may recommend a waste disposal strategy to help with prevention.


In both suburban and urban areas it is very common for mice and rats to find an interior space they can call home. These unwelcome guests have an uncanny ability to locate points-of-entry such as wall holes or door cracks to pass through. When found in the home, mice and rats can be alarming and destructive, and certain species carry viruses that can be harmful to humans. Additionally, they build messy nests in attics, walls and other dark areas, cause damage to furniture and appliances by gnawing at them, and store food inside your home which often attracts other insects and pests. 

The Alternative Approach

It is critically important that if you spot a mouse or rat in your residence you quickly reach out to a trained professional. Off-the-shelf products are largely ineffective, sometimes make the problem worse, and are often made with harsh or poisonous chemicals that can be harmful to family members and pets.

At Alternative Pest Control our skilled technicians understand how these unwelcome guests can find their way in and will perform a thorough inspection to locate points of entry. To treat current mice and rat issues and prevent infestations we employ a variety of appropriate treatments, including:


  • Exclusion – Sealing off entry points that enable mice to enter the home
  • Waste Disposal: Sanitation & Debris – Your technician may  recommend a variety of sanitation and hygiene practices to minimize attraction of mice to your property
  • Baits, Traps: Rodent baits, traps and other mechanical devices may be used to capture and remove mice

Termites break down wood, which is good for the environment – in the woods. However the last thing you want is termites in your home. Termite infestations rank among the most expensive pest control issues for homeowners, and the structural damage they inflict may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Don’t wait till it’s too late and your house has been infested.

The Alternative Approach

If you suspect your home has termites, contact Alternative Pest Control immediately. We understand the risks that termites present to your home and your wallet. When it comes to protecting your biggest investment, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Identification: Termite damage may not always be visible. Alternative knows how to inspect for termites, where to look and how to identify the scale of your termite problem.

Treatment: If an infestation is discovered, Alternative Pest Control will implement a treatment plan, likely consisting of multiple Integrated Pest Management treatments to neutralize the threat they pose and prevent future infestations.


Mosquito bites can be unpleasant, and potentially harmful in the case of transmitted diseases such as Zika virus. While reactions to bites may vary (from minor irritation to major swelling), these stinging pests can destroy opportunities for outdoors entertaining and be extremely bothersome when they gain access into your home. 

The Alternative Approach

If your home or yard has been invaded by mosquitos, let Alternative Pest Control come to the rescue. We employ an integrated approach designed to treat infestations and address source reduction.

Inspection and Treatment: Alternative will do a complete walk-through, both inside and outside of your property to identify and neutralize settings that are hospitable to mosquitos. Our trained technician will eliminate standing water sources that are conducive to breeding and treat any relevant areas with product designed to reduce mosquito’s lifecycles and prevent eggs from hatching.

Seasonal Packages: During mosquito season, Alternative recommends multiple visits and treatments to maintain control and minimize mosquito disruption. Contact us to discuss a Home Pest Protection Plan that is right for you.


Fleas can live not only on your pets, but also on your fabric furniture, clothes, hair and skin. If you suspect a pet has brought fleas into the home, contact Alternative Pest Control immediately

The Alternative Approach

Alternative Pest Control will conduct a thorough inspection to locate the source of fleas and identify the species causing the problem. Our technician will recommend an ongoing flea control plan which will likely include::

  • Pet Treatment and Grooming: Treatment of host pet(s) with veterinarian recommended products or through vet visits – along with regular pet bathing
  • Chemical or Biochemical Treatments: Application of product to infested areas that will shorten or eliminate flea lifecycles
  • Follow-up: Regular follow-up visits are scheduled to ensure effectiveness and adherence to flea control plan, and to prevent future infestations