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The Truth About Bed Bugs

Letter From Ernie Schicchi, Owner of Alternative Pest Control

Dear Homeowner, Landlord or Tenant

My name is Ernie Schicchi, owner of Alternative Pest Control in Brooklyn NY, and I’m writing to tell you the truth about bed bugs.

The truth about bed bugs is that it is nearly impossible – if not completely impossible – for a homeowner or non-professional to treat an infestation themselves. Even if you become aware of the problem at an early stage,  you will likely do more harm than good by attempting to exterminate them on your own.

I see a lot of stuff online about do-it-yourself bedbug treatments and many manufacturers will tell you that their spray or powder will do the job, but in an amateur’s hands, even the most effective product will only make the situation worse.

Actually, there are many pest control issues that you can handle independently, and I’ll cover those types of projects in the future. Bed bugs just aren’t one of them.

Here’s why .

Bed bugs are extremely sensitive creatures, inclined to scatter and seek new shelter at even the slightest hint of chemical. Only professionals understand bed bug behavior well enough to target and address a situation properly.

Let’s say you wake up one morning with a bite on your leg, rip off the sheets and find bed bugs on your mattress. You run to the nearest hardware store, scan the shelves and purchase the bottle that claims to “kill bed bugs on contact.” You come home and spray away. Problem solved, right?


In most cases, by the time you notice them, bed bugs have set up multiple pockets around the room they were discovered in. So spraying the mattress may kill the bugs that live THERE, but other pockets NEARBY will take off and find new places to settle.

And trust me, those new areas will be much harder to find than that first one was – up in a closet under a pile of sweaters, behind an electrical outlet, in your children’s stuffed animals, even inside your television.

If a female scatters along with the rest, she’s probably bringing eggs with her, and she’ll drop 1-12 eggs every single day, some of which will be also grow to be females. Because of bed bugs’ migration patterns and reproductive behavior, your problem has just multiplied by tenfold.

What’s the outcome? What began as a manageable situation is now a huge mess.

If you had called in professionals at the first siting, they may have been able to take care of the problem in 1-3 visits. But because you tried to address it on your own, it will likely now require 6-12 visits, up to a year’s time, and a lot more money out of your pocket.

Not to mention the pain, anguish and expense of throwing away many of your treasured possessions, worrying about your health and that of your family, and having to move if the problem gets too bad.

So please, if you think you have a bed bug problem call a professional immediately. It doesn’t have to be me. It can be your best friend’s uncle or a company from the yellow pages. But get the pros in there so they can get the bed bugs out.

Do yourself a favor and take this advice from an expert.


Ernie Schicchi